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Kid Cudi on new project, TV show ‘Entergalactic’: ‘The greatest piece of art I’ve ever made’

Kid Cudi seems more than excited about his album-TV tandem Entergalactic.

Sitting down with Complex and taking to Twitter to openly express his enthusiasm, the Cleveland rapper’s upcoming record will be directly from his main character’s perspective — tying together a perfect soundtrack for his Netflix series in the process.

As a genre-defying trendsetter and industry icon, Cudi’s most unique quality is his inability to be confined to one space. Touching movies, television, modeling and music, he’s done it all, but this feels bigger than any other Cudi effort we’ve seen.

In a barrage of tweets Sunday night (Jan. 23), he divulged further on the conjoined Netflix project he’s spent three years developing — saying it’s “the greatest piece of art I’ve ever made,” among other things.

Entergalactic, which is expected to premiere sometime this year, will be produced by Black-ish creator Kenya Barri — further stamping Cudi’s imprint as a multifaceted creative. Along with his appearance in Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, Amazon Prime documentary A Man Named Scott and his role in A24’s X, Cudi’s acting, musical and filmmaking abilities will all intersect when Entergalactic finally arrives.

The animated show was originally announced in 2019, but was pushed back due to reasons detailed by Cudi himself. When fans initially questioned the delay, Cudi wanted them to “chill,” simply replying: “Becuz that’s when it drops…”

In 2019, Kid Cudi tweeted that his long-awaited series will be “something you’ve never experienced. I promise it’ll be a fun ride. Lot of good friends involved. Great songs too! With more music in the pipeline, Cudi’s feature on NIGO‘s star-studded album I Know NIGO on March 25 should also hopefully lead in the project’s eventual release.

While fans continue to wait for Cudi to unveil his latest masterpiece, Entergalactic is undoubtedly poised to be an out of this world experience.

Check out snippets from ‘Entergalactic’ below!

Photo via @FallonTonight