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Kodak Black releases ‘I’m So Awesome’ ahead of ‘Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1’

After an impressive start to the year with his studio album Back For Everything (Feb. 25), Kodak Black has shown no signs of slowing down — announcing his upcoming project Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 by way of its promotional single “I’m So Awesome.”

Set to release Oct. 28, Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 will explore Black’s recent run-ins with the law and the controversy surrounding his actions. “I’m So Awesome” shows the confidence Yak possesses regardless of what people may say or feel about him, as its lyrics prove he believes in himself more than ever before — unrelenting no matter what.

Hopped out to spray, then I hopped in my bag, yeah, I’m in my Birkin

Shoutout to Gucci, I think that’s my dad, yeah, I was just jerkin’

I hit the woah ’cause I like that lil’ dance

I be on go, you gon’ lay where you stand

Pull out the Ghost, I’m too rich for a Benz

Kodak Black – I’m So Awesome

Produced by the great Metro Boomin, “I’m So Awesome” continues to demonstrate that this duo never misses. Over bombastic, hard-hitting production, the Pompano Beach rapper utilizes his signature laid-back flow and cutthroat wordplay on bars like: “You ain’t got no plans, then you just in my way / Step on these n****s, I stand on them hoes.”

This demonstrative cockiness from Yak exudes on social media as well, as he took to Twitter amid preparing for his next release to express his dissatisfaction with the BET Awards — considering he didn’t win the Song Of The Year award for his hit single “Super Gremlin.”

Fresh off the release of his two-pack “Walk/Spin” and his Closure EP a few weeks ago, the Floridian has still been outworking all his adversaries. Determined to prove his worth within the music industry, Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 looks to be another stellar chapter in the icon’s already impressive career.

Check Out Kodak Black’s “I’m So Awesome” below!