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lil Shordie Scott follows viral success with debut EP ‘The Twin Society’

Atlanta’s own capitalizes on the viral success of his breakout hit with the release of his debut EP.

lil Shordie Scott took Atlanta and TikTok by storm earlier this year with his witty bars and one-of-a-kind, high-pitched delivery on his breakout hit “Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta.” Due to its extremely quotable opening line “I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my cardigan,” the unusual single began to rack up millions of streams — only to be supercharged when Cardi gave it her blessing on social media and her ATL-bred husband Offset jumped on the remix.

While many found his squeaky falsetto hard to take seriously at first, the success of “Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta” is no joke, and the excitement around the release of his debut EP suggests there is a greater demand for his unorthodox sound than might be expected.

Released on July 29, The Twin Society sees Shordie aim to combat the one-hit-wonder speculation by fleshing out the surprising versatility of his uniquely high-pitched approach. With just two features from Ken Carson and Destin Laurel, the eight-song project serves as a showcase of his fiercely individualistic style and unwavering creativity.

He mostly offers two distinct sounds throughout the EP, breaking down the A and B side on his Instagram page the day before its release. Opening the project, the “jimmy turner” side, fully produced by the talented Fish and featuring his signature blaring production style. Both “Twintro” featuring Destin Laurel and “Mental” feature noticeably upbeat, bass-bumping production compared to Shordie’s normally more understated arrangements. Later on, he keeps the energy high and lends himself to the new wave with songs like “Eagle Vision” and “Bloody Mary” featuring Ken Carson — who is no stranger to baby-voiced viral phenoms — making sure to give fans plenty of flavors to turn up to at live performances.

The “ADHD” side of the project includes “Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta” and production from 3xMadeIt, Bee2Fly and BankRollGotIt. With these tracks he doubles down on his bread and butter, utilizing similarly minimalist production as seen on his viral hit, built around his iconic vocal and carefully timed snaps in between a punching bass line. On “Choppa Twin,” he incorporates a more melodic flow than his typical rap-first delivery, and layers it with a crescendoing female backing to create one of the more compelling arrangements on the project.

Earlier this month, Shordie dropped the project’s lead single and seventh track “Do Not Know You,” a summery, lighthearted track accompanied by a straightforward music video depicting a typical ATL summer day. In the visual, Scott and his two female companions hit local spots from the gas station to the liquor store, and ending with a picnic on his now-iconic front lawn that doubles as the music video set for many of his other hits.

There is a lot one could say about lil Shordie Scott, but one thing nobody can say is they’ve seen anything quite like him. The originality is obvious, the confidence with which he delivers his counterintuitive sound is palpable, and the unwavering commitment to his signature style is what superstars are made of.

He’s already proven he can go viral, and with his debut project, he’s proven that his polarizing sound works outside of the “Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta” format. While it may be hard to imagine right now, it will be fascinating to watch as lil Shordie Scott takes his original sound to new heights, continuing to upgrade one of the most unique styles the game has seen in recent memory.

Listen to Lil Shordie Scott’s debut EP ‘The Twin Society’ below