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SleazyWorld Go, Offset take a step forward with new banger ‘Step 1’

Off the heels of his first major hit with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, “Sleazy Flow Remix,” SleazyWorld Go is following up his newfound success with another huge co-sign.

After weeks of dominating TikTok charts, Sleazy took no time off to work towards his next viral moment. Recruiting Migos superstar Offset in his first step towards stardom, the smooth-talking Kansas City emcee is proving he is rap’s rookie of the year on his latest single “Step 1.”

Sleazy and Offset both come in to the track with complete authority, going through violent steps with the listener on how they conduct business for anyone standing in their way. The beat is simple, yet haunting as it sets a dark vibe for the duration of the track. Sleazy continues to use his verse as a warning to anyone standing in his way, with Offset coming in as the final nail in the coffin.

Step one, you catch an opp, make sure you wet one (Come here)

Step two, never turn right until you left one (Until you left his ass)

Step 1” – SleazyWorld Go and Offset

Aside from dropping warnings with Offset, SleazyWorld Go has been a force to be reckoned with in 2022. His track “Sleazy Flow” has become a viral TikTok anthem with it being used in more than 66,000 videos on the platform. Along with that, its subsequent remix featuring the “Untrapped” star Lil Baby marked Sleazy’s first-ever charting placement — debuting at No. 47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Offset’s been majorly out of sight in recent months, spending more time with his family by welcoming his second child with Cardi B in April. Now, Offset is back in the lab and sounds hungrier than ever, fresh off of watching Takeoff and Quavo’s new collab “Hotel Lobby” take off without him. “Who got left off of Bad & Boujee,” comes to mind, as rumors of Migos’ greater focus on their solo ventures still swarm social feeds.

While we haven’t heard much from Offset since the group’s trilogy-ending Culture 3 last summer, it’s still unclear if the Migos will continue making music as an entity or merely joint partners on posse cuts moving forward. Yet, Offset’s involvement with a fast-rising talent like Sleazyworld Go is a collab that can’t go unmissed.

With “Step 1” already looking like the next viral hit on TikTok, SleazyWorld Go and Offset are making sure their voices are heard in 2022.

Watch the video for “Step 1” below!