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OGM ‘Top 5ive’: Cardi B, Kid Cudi, Ken Car$on, more

June 28 – July 6, Edition 3

Keeping up with music’s ceaseless news cycle can be tasking, but we at OGM are cutting right through the noise. In our weekly news series “Top 5ive,” we’re saying things straight-up — unpacking the five most important news stories you need to know right now. Know the major players and what their latest moves are, as our new editorial series is dedicated to keeping listeners informed on the most harrowing, heroic and heartfelt headlines in hip-hop.

In this week’s edition (June 28-July 6), we recap a week full of comebacks including Cardi B’s new comeback single, Kid Cudi’s rerelease of his 2008 debut A Kid Named Cudi, the TikTok-famous Yeat/Minion takeover and so much more.

Last Monday (June 27), the world was shocked to learn that Cardi B would be making her long-awaited comeback with help from Lil Durk and Kanye West on July 1. While the trio’s “Hot Shit” certainly was an unexpected collaboration, the track is a certified hit. Calling in superstar producer Tay Keith, Cardi’s comeback effort is perhaps the hottest beat of the summer, as the track is poised to land at the top of the charts next week — showing that Cardi B’s year-and-a-half wait gave her new ammunition to go big this summer. For more on the legendary team up, click here.

It’s been five summers since Calvin Harris’ last album, Funk Wav Bounces, Vol 1 — and now, fans finally have a date for Vol. 2. The first installment debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200, featured superstar acts in Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Pharell Williams and became one of the best summertime projects in recent memory. With its sequel set to drop in the middle of the summer (Aug. 5), fans can expect more of the sunshine vibes its predecessor brought forth. With another all-star cast coming in to help, including 21 Savage, Snoop Dogg and Young Thug, Harris’ second outing will be at the top of everyone’s summer playlists without a doubt. For more on the DJ’s wavy summer drop, click here.

One of the most anticipated releases of the year will finally arrive this Friday (July 8), as Ken Car$on is gearing up to share his proper debut album X. One of the most popular acts out of Playboi Carti’s Opium Label, Ken Car$on has found much success as a frontrunner for the new wave’s sound. With many Whole Lotta Red inspired beats — which the young Ken has produced a handful of himself — the Opium emcee has found a lane all his own. Fresh off of opening for bud Whole Lotta Red tour, Carti is also labeled as an executive producer for the album. For more on the young rager’s newest work, click here.

When we say 2022 is Kid Cudi’s year, we’re not exaggerating. With an upcoming tour, Netflix series and accompanying album, what else could he give his fans in this moment of resurgence? Kid Cudi has officially announced that his legendary 2008 mixtape A Kid Named Cudi is finally coming to streaming services after many years of waiting (with an official vinyl launching aside it). Not only that, but Cudi has reworked elements of the project to make it refreshed and give fans the best version on DSPs. Want even more Cudi? The legendary emcee also announced a greatest hits album, The Boy Who Flew Over the Moon Vol. 1, dropping this Friday (June 8). For more on the Moon Man’s upcoming projects, click here.

Time to address the elephant in the room, the Minions. Or more so Yeat, who helped skyrocket the franchise to new heights with his Lyrical Lemonade-assisted single for the film, “Rich Minion.” The single has fallen victim to a viral TikTok trend over the weekend, where avid Minions fans dress up in suits and cheer on the yellow helpers while playing the new Yeat single in the background. The track has been out for less than a week and already is already the sound for over 175,000 TikTok videos. Who would’ve thought Yeat and the Minions would deliver the song of the summer? For more on the despicable banger, click here.