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LUCKI shares birthday bop ‘NO BAP’ ahead of ‘SMD’

Tune’s new album ‘SEX MONEY DRUGS’ is also on the way…

After the success of LUCKI‘s 2022 album Flawless Like Me, Tune is locking back in, sharing his latest single “NO BAP” ahead of his upcoming album.

Celebrating his 27th birthday on May 31, what better way to ring in the occasion than to drop new music? “NO BAP” takes heed of the Chicago rapper’s usual laid-back flow as he raps over familiar production by Bhristo.

She bossed up, but I put her on the map

So geeked up, you’d think it’s cap

‘Nough in the Sprite and it taste like Act’

Real deal junkie and I wish it was an act

No more drank left ’cause I’m in the bity

I ain’t headline, but I still got fifty


The day after Flawless Like Me dropped, LUCKI took to Instagram live where he spoke to fans to get their reactions to the album. During that live, he announced that his next album “wasn’t coming soon,” but it would be titled SEX MONEY DRUGS. While there are still tons of rumors floating around as to when we can expect this album, fans are speculating that it will drop sometime this summer. LUCKI also name-drops the album’s title on “NO BAP.”

LUCKI looks forward to a few major performances this summer, including Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash as well as Rolling Loud Miami. A lot of artists tend to schedule new music around their festival-tour runs during the year, so it’s not completely far-fetched to think that LUCKI could be dropping within a few weeks’ time.

Check out LUCKI’s latest single “NO BAP” below!