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Lyrical Lemonade shares third single off compilation album ‘Hello There’

The Lyrical Lemonade Album inches closer to release, and its latest single, “Hello There,” leaves a beauty mark that will never fade.

As the third track in the Lyrical Lemonade anthology, legendary voices in Corbin, Lil Tracy and Black Kray blend elements of darkness and beauty with ease. Taking inspiration from blink-182’s “I Miss You,” “Hello There” masterfully combines melancholic guitar slides, subtle sub-bass, and haunting ad-libs to create a mosaic of stark sonic bliss.

Corbin’s vocals emerge from the depths, navigating the landscapes of a reoccurring nightmare. Lil Tracy, however, steals the spotlight with a dreamy, heartbreak-laden hook, elevating blink’s iconic “I Miss You” to new heights. Black Kray adds his autotuned flair, guiding the track through a beat switch in the latter half.

As you listen to this cinematic masterpiece, it’s easy to envision it on the big screen, and that’s precisely what Cole Bennett and his team accomplished with the song’s visually stunning companion. The music video, majorly set in a graveyard with skeletons, adds eerie aesthetics that match the song’s atmosphere. With the album’s release imminent, “Hello There” joins “Doomsday” and “Guitar In My Room” as an evocative introduction to the highly-anticipated Lyrical Lemonade Album.

Watch “Hello There” below!

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