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Money Man flexes ‘Big Money,’ big features on new album

The criminally underrated Money Man delivered another top-notch project last week, outlining the updated rules of the road for the digital streets of 2022.

Money Man’s hypnotic autotune flow and relentless street-scammer bars sound more polished than ever on his new project Big Money, as he paints vivid pictures of designer jugging and futuristic money plays — at some points sounding a bit too much like a how-to manual.

Big Money is a 12-track project released through EMPIRE via his own Black Circle Entertainment, dropping just eight months after making front-page news and hitting No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his last project, Blockchain.

In addition to standout solo tracks like “Big Money,” “BodyRock” and “Corrupted” (featured on this week’s Asset.Radio) the new project comes with a number of notable features. “Streets Cold” with G Herbo and “Undertaker” with Nardo Wick are clear standouts, each with their own unorthodox street-oriented style to pair with Money Man’s distinct sound.

Fans got an unexpected surprise on “Overload” with a feature from Benny the Butcher, and he even has Detroit’s Peezy talking crypto on “Ali Baba” — in reference to the preferred marketplace of scammers everywhere. Always putting on for the home team, he also included appearances from Black Circle signees BC Jroc and Juney Knotzz.

Operating in the shadows for longer than most would guess, Money Man has developed a loyal following with his uniquely intoxicating autotuned melodies, financial literacy focus and unapologetic exploration into the digital underworld of today.

In recent years, Money Man has developed into a serious force to be reckoned with off the back of his unique sound and unrelenting release strategy. After a false start with Cash Money Records that ended in him buying his own freedom in 2018, the fiercely independent powerhouse properly hit the radar that same year with projects like TraumaMan and Paranoia. In 2020, he officially arrived at the mainstream with his 2020 project Epidemic which featured “24” — a massive hit with a triple-platinum remix featuring Lil Baby that peaked at No. 49 on the Billboard charts.

In 2021, he made front-page news once again when he accepted a $1 Million Bitcoin advance from Empire’s Ghazi ahead of his cleverly themed Blockchain album — living up to the hype with big songs like “Tip Off,” “Blockchain” and the project’s breakaway hit “LLC” with its remix featuring Moneybagg Yo.

Overall, Money Man is a truly singular character within music’s landscape of 2022, operating more independently, privately and with bigger money than almost anybody. While he may not get the recognition he deserves, those who know, know… and maybe that’s how the reclusive crypto kingpin wants it.

Watch Money Man’s “Big Money” Below