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Money Man flexes ‘Big Money’ on new single

Money Man reemerged from the shadows of the dark web this week to release a new single, “Big Money” ahead of his new album of the same name set to drop later this month (June 24).

As a uniquely independent powerhouse, Money Man has seemingly risen out of nowhere to become one of the most quietly successful artists and crypto kingpins in hip-hop.

Frequently cited as a favorite of rappers and scammers across the country, equally respected for his financial gems and distinct melodic rap flows, his investments are clearly paying off in the form of “Big Money.”

“Big Money” embodies everything fans love about Money Man: From his hypnotic autotune flow to the trap-infused violin-led production to his countless quotable bars outlining the updated rules of the road for navigating the internet-fueled streets of 2022.

One of the most interesting aspects of Money Man is that in addition to his penchant for financial literacy and “designer jugging,” he has a somewhat surprising interest in topics like spirituality and personal health – sneaking in lines like “In my condo doing pushups, going crazy with calisthenics” which fall right next to bars in “Get stomped out in these Dior boots, we beat your ass in fashion.”

In recent years, Money Man has developed into a serious force to be reckoned with on the back of his unique sound and unrelenting release strategy. After hitting the radar with projects like TraumaMan and Paranoia, he properly hit the mainstream with his 2020 project Epidemic which featured “24” — a massive hit with an even bigger remix featuring Lil Baby.

In 2021, he made front-page news once again when he accepted a $1 million Bitcoin advance from Empire’s Ghazi ahead of his cleverly themed Blockchain album – living up to the hype with big songs like “Tip Off,” “Blockchain” and the project’s breakaway hit “LLC” with its remix featuring Moneybagg Yo.

Aside from his fierce work ethic and demonstrated hitmaking ability, not much else is known about the reclusive Money Man. What is known, is the enthusiastic response to this lead single shows a huge demand for his cryptic melodic flows, and the ever-increasing quality of his music.

Simply put, we’re putting Big Money on his next project being a hit.

Listen to Money Man’s “Big Money” below