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OGM VLOG: YEAT, KanKan, SeptembersRich sell out show in LA

As the underground continues to flourish, artists in YEAT, KanKan and SeptembersRich are defining voices at the forefront of the movement.

Performing at RARE HOUSE tucked away in downtown Los Angeles, the Twizzy Rich Family didn’t seem “Sorry Bout The Turnup” following YEAT’s EP release, Trëndi, Aug. 6.

The trio plus special guests in Slump6s and Wasteey all took the stage Friday night, as OGM host Hakeem Rowe handled the mic as the event’s emcee.

Further solidifying the foundation of the new wave, this OGM vlog showcases an array of performances from some of hip-hop’s hottest up-and-comers. The underground is back and better than ever. #OGM

YEAT Interview: Underground phenom says it’s all ‘Up To Me’

  • 1:00 Speaking to the fans attending the show
  • 2:14 KanKan, YEAT, & Septembersrich pull up
  • 3:00 Green Room
  • 5:08 Candypaint pulls up
  • 6:00 Twizzy Rich handshake
  • 8:33 Speaking on his recent release “Trendi’ EP and charting on the apple charts
  • 9:23 Slump6s pulling up
  • 10:24 Rio the producer
  • 11:44 Slump6s “Moment” dropping 8.11 with a music video, “Origin” on the way
  • 12:30 Slump6s opens and performs Anti-Social
  • 13:47 Crowd going up
  • 14:22 Hakeem behind the mic hosting
  • 16:05 Slump6s performs
  • 18:44 Wasteey Monroe from Dallas, Texas performs
  • 20:23 Dro Fe
  • 20:58 YEAT, KanKan, & Septembersrich take the stage
  • 22:30 YEAT’s performance
  • 23:20 Septembersrich throwing up
  • 23:57 Septembersrich performance
  • 26:00 KanKan performance
  • 25:17 KanKan gives fan some jewelry
  • 29:00 The Fire Department show up