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Onlybino! and sgpwes have ‘Buku Bandz’ on their new single

Coming in scorching hot from his most recent drop “Flossin” (Sep. 2), Onlybino! has now teamed up with fellow underground icon sgpwes for their new track, “Buku Bandz“.

The chemistry heard on this new cut can likely be attributed to this power duo’s short, yet impactful history. Bino was featured on wes’ brand new EP brgr pck for the song “want,” released at the top of the month. Along with this, their most popular collaboration is the Soundcloud exclusive track “perfect,” which has eclipsed 150,000 plays.

On “Buku Bandz,” buzzing synths and hard-hitting 808’s produced by Pinkgrillz introduce the song as soon as the listener hits play. sgpwes comes in shortly after with a melodic chorus much different from his usual bar-for-bar aggressive style.

wes taps into this new sound effortlessly, floating over the instrumental and eventually leading to a seamless transition to Bino’s verse. As always, Bino bodies his portion with his reliable, crisp, R&B-inspired vocals, finding unique pockets to switch his flow in and out of.

Once again, this dynamic underground duo strikes gold, and hopefully we get some more tracks from these two young stars sooner rather than later.

Listen to “Buku Bands” by Onlybino! and sgpwes below!