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Onlybino! keeps ‘Flossin’ on his way to stardom

After dropping his track, “Change it Up” back in July, Onlybino! stays in a new lane with his latest release, “Flossin“.

Bino has become a staple in the underground scene with his melodic flows and R&B-infused style. His 2021 single, “Butterfly Doors,” became a massive success and skyrocketed the young star into the spotlight of the new wave.

On “Flossin,” Bino confidently raps about getting money and the amount of success he has reached at such a young age. The Florida native also showcases his R&B-hybrid sound with an infectious melody on the bouncy track produced by Synthetic.

Bino’s raw and versatile delivery on “Flossin” are the exact traits that make him stand out as one of the most unique artists emerging out of the underground scene. So much so that Zack Bia’s Field Trip Records added Bino to its roster back in 2021 alongside powerhouses such as Yeat, SSGKobe, and Slump6s. Around this time, he released his debut mixtape luv2hat3. This project revealed the rapper’s extreme potential and the vast attention he gives to his craft.

With another flawless single added to Bino’s discography, he’s “Flossin” his way towards mainstream circles much faster than anticipated.

Listen to “Flossin” below!

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