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Rich Amiri sounds ‘Vicious’ in his new two-pack

After dropping his long-awaited EP, For The Better on June 17, Rich Amiri is already back in action with two new singles “trouble” and “ruthless”.

On Tuesday (July 19), the Internet Money affiliated phenom posted a poll to his Instagram story saying if 500 people voted he’d drop a new single. After receiving the votes, the Boston native posted another story asking if fans wanted one or two tracks. Amiri then answered fans’ wishes by releasing a two-pack on SoundCloud titled Vicious.

Needless to say, the title of the pack perfectly fits the vibe of these tracks. Amiri comes in on “trouble” firing hard-hitting bars over a filthy instrumental produced by geogotbands, ssor.t, and synthetic. Amiri can be heard stepping away from his usual melodic pluggnb sound and honey smooth vocals. Instead, his approach is aggressive and full of raw energy. On the second track, “ruthless” produced by maajins and pooka, Amiri continues exploring this new vigorous and gritty sound.

I went and ran it the fuck up (What the fuck?)

Most of these niggas, don’t trust ’em, no

I put my trust in these hundreds

Ride with the toolie, I’m tuckin’, woah

These niggas not about nothin’ (Never)

“trouble” – Rich Amiri

These two new tracks from Amiri act as reminder to fans that the the young star can’t be put in a box or defined by a genre. This is only the beginning for Rich Amiri and it’s encouraging to see him test new sounds with his fans supporting him every step of the way.

Listen to “Vicious” below!

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