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Slump6s viscerates his 5-track teaser tape ‘B4GEN’

After impressing the crowd at Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash festival last weekend, Slump6s continues to prove he’s a rockstar in the making.

Aside from his beef with fellow underground artist Iayze back in May, the 17-year-old enigma dropped three retaliation tracks after Iayze responded to Slump6s’ original diss, “Get Well Soon.” These songs were “Proud,” “3Piece,” and “Twentyball” — all of which landing on Slump’s new 5-track EP, B4GEN.

Slump6s flows at lightning speed in all three of these tracks, gliding over smashing 808s and fluttering hi-hats from top-tier underground producers in BenjiCold and maajins. Slower tracks like “Til I’m Gone” reveal Slump’s versatility as he channels pluggnb’s signature sound — most likely pulling inspiration from friend and fellow rapper Autumn!.

Stay with my brothers, they know I’m ten toes

Oh, you got your money up? Boy, that’s the same reason you told

I had to tell my lil’ brother, yeah, “Boy, you can’t cry over that ho”

And I’ma make sure to keep my ice on ’til the day that I’m gone

Slump6s – “Til I’m Gone”

“Ok/Blick” acts as the EP’s standout track, as Slump6s’ hard yet simple chorus accentuates his echoed adlibs. Zayskillz handles the production on this track with a melodic piano loop and an eclectic array of sound effects. Anytime these two collab on a track, their aggressive styles and sounds blend together perfectly making for an instant hit.

Not only does Slump6s pump his music with energy, but also fuels the life of any crowd he gets in front of. Performing at BoxFest in Los Angeles (June 23) alongside headliner SoFaygo, his fiery set is poised to ignite plenty more moshpits in the years to come.

As B4GEN leads in Slump6s’ highly-anticipated debut album GEN, the teaser tape convincingly highlights his immense talent and uniqueness as an artist overall.

Listen to “B4GEN” below!