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Polo G drops new single ‘My All’ with Lyrical Lemonade visuals

A year ago this month, Polo G closed the first chapter of his career with a stellar deluxe to his third studio album Hall of Fame. Since HoF 2.0, Polo has used 2022 to recalibrate and work in silence, as he had only put out two solo singles on DSPs this year. But, just as we are about to trade in our 2022 calendars for crisp new 2023 ones, Polo decided to give his fans one more gift during the holiday season.

On Friday (Dec. 9), the Chicago superstar released his new single “My All,” another guitar-infused ballad where he pours his heart out. As each new release from him adds more hype for an eventual project, “My All” by Polo G arrived accompanied by a Lyrical Lemonade music video, directed by the legend Cole Bennett.

It’s clear that Polo’s intent for this single was to create buzz heading into 2023, as he took to Twitter on Dec. 1 to emphasize how clutch this release is, likening it to hitting a buzzer beater in basketball. Throughout the track, Polo mourns how giving “his all” to his love life and street responsibilities is never enough, crooning downtrodden bars about putting friends in graves and women being disloyal.

Casamigos sippin’, I’m so in that I can’t speak proper
She be doin’ dicks from block to block, heard she’s a street hopper
1300, baby, but got love from all the re-rockers
Them sliders stampin’ hits, ain’t gotta ask who did it, we shot you
For Ed ‘nem and Lil Bit, bitch, you will get your hood hit
Had to watch ’em get put in the grave, them the same niggas I stood with

“My All” — Polo G

Bringing the best side out of Polo G, the beat for “My All” is produced by Southside, just like his prior two singles from this year. In fact, even before “Distraction” and “Bag Talk,” Southside provided the instrumentals for three songs on HoF 2.0, which first signaled the formation of a special bond between the duo.

As the cherry on top of a brilliant year-ending release, the Cole Bennett video for “My All” cleverly depicts a somber Polo G retrospectively narrating all the disappointing moments in his broken relationship, reminding the hip-hop community how essential Lyrical Lemonade has been to the landscape in the past few years.

Perhaps looking to re-emerge with a full-length project in the new year, Polo’s new song is be a nice reminder of how much the rap game has missed the 23-year-old.

Check out “My All” below!