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Smiley calls the shots in ‘How Can I Miss’ music video with OhGeesy

Smiley’s Nov. 12 Buy or Bye 2 album showcases his seemingly off-putting, but infectious and confident flow. Along with that, we see him link with a diverse group of talented features from across the industry, particularly those who are starting to develop huge followings. Among this roster is OhGeesy, who lands on the album’s thirteenth song “How Can I Miss.”

The song’s music video released the same night as the project, and depicts Smiley as the head honcho of an operation, with OhGeesy serving as his primary confidant.

Whether it be sitting the head of the table in a board meeting, rejecting ideas from his subordinates, or roaming the streets with his crew at his side looking for action, Smiley is in charge. His team looks to him for the decisions, because how can he miss?

Check out Smiley’s new music video for “How Can I Miss” with Californian OhGeesy below.

Smiley sends an ominous warning to the industry with ‘Buy or Bye 2’

Toronto internet sensation drops his first project in over a year.

More likely than not, you discovered Smiley though his viral collaboration with Drake, “Over the Top.” The song peaked at No. 57 on the Billboard Hot 100, as Drake’s verse helped to build anticipation for his following Sept. 3 album Certified Lover Boy.

Unknowingly at the time, Smiley’s “Prada and Gucci, it don’t go together” and “Huh? Yeah, I’m in control of the block” verses were cemented as a defining moment in his career. Over the course of weeks, fans switched from enjoying Smiley’s performance ironically, to actually appreciating what he brought to the table, sparking an avalanche of “Over the Top” TikToks.

Now, Smiley is back for more, dropping his brand new mixtape Buy or Bye 2, the sequel to his 2018 debut. The 15 song, 44-minute project includes standout features from bubbling artists like OhGeesy and Bleu, as well as fellow Toronto natives like Pressa, Golde London and Duvy.

Buy or Bye 2 sees Smiley give an outstanding first impression to his new listeners, and build on many of the traits that got him here in the first place.

The most intriguing element of Smiley’s music has been his unique voice and sassy flow, which can come off clunky at times. But, on this project, mixed with subtle, haunting beats, he sounds better than ever.

On tracks like the promotional singles “Breakdown” and “Valet,” he exemplifies this perfectly. The pleasant surprise within most of these tracks is that Smiley does an exceptional job of carrying three-minute songs on his own, mostly just due to his charisma.

While he is not signed to OVO, his Drake affiliation and influence is evident throughout the album. At times throughout his career, Drizzy purposefully picks poised, minimalist beats to allow his flow to take center stage, which seems to be Smiley’s approach on Buy or Bye 2. His beat selection seems to also draw inspiration from a 21 Savage-type of atmosphere, using spooky loops or sound effects to create a frightful atmosphere.

Smiley certainly made himself a name to look out for with this new tape, and excelled at meshing his sound with the distinct styles of his feature guests.

Check out Buy or Bye 2 by Smiley below!