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The death penalty has been dropped in YNW Melly’s double-homicide case

YNW Melly may have just received the greatest news of his life. The Florida emcee — who was booked for two counts of first-degree murder in February 2019 — has had the death penalty removed from his sentencing by way of a technicality.

According to court documents, Melly’s legal team filed a motion to prevent the state of Florida from seeking capital punishment on April 27. These documents cite a rule in Florida’s criminal justice process, stating: “If the prosecutor intends to seek the death penalty, the prosecutor must give notice to the Defendant of that intent to seek the death penalty. This notice must be filed with the Court within 45 days of the arraignment.”

It went on to say that the state “never filed a Notice of Intent to Seek the Death the Penalty listing the aggravating factors it intends to prove as it relates to this new or superseding indictment.”

While there has been a plethora of unanswered questions regarding the trial — and growing suspicion of constant delays and contradicting information from both parties — on Wednesday (July 6) capital punishment was officially removed as a sentencing option for the 23-year-old rapper if he is found guilty.

Jamel Maurcie Demons (or YNW Melly) turned himself into authorities after being apprehended for the deaths of YNW associates and friends YNW Sakchaser, (Anthony Williams, 21) and YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr., 20) in 2019. He still awaits trial for his murder charges and will remain behind bars until further notice. His next court date has yet to be determined.

After receiving this relieving news, Melly’s mother took to Instagram to share a heartfelt reaction. Melly’s management team also shared the news via Melly’s Instagram, captioning the post: “Melly wins motion to remove death penalty against prosecution.”

While Melly has continuously flooded fans with optimistic posts about his freedom and return home for over three years now, the first major news in regards to the outcome of his trial is in fact a huge shift in his favor.

Although this story is still very much developing, we’ll certainly keep our eyes all over YNW Melly’s case as it continues to unravel.

For now, check out YNW Melly’s most recent album ‘Just A Matter of Slime’ below!