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Tory Lanez dominates dance floors with ‘Alone At Prom’ deluxe

Ready for one last dance? Reach out and let Tory Lanez take you back in time on the deluxe to Alone At Prom.

The ‘80s-inspired record, originally released in 2021, set the Toronto singer-rapper apart from the rap game entirely. Rekindling a forgotten sound by way of luscious synths, funky strings and crunchy, electro drum patterns, the versatile Lanez — who’s dipped into pop, R&B and other genres throughout his career — cemented a timeless allure on Alone At Prom‘s original release.

Adding 10 more tracks to the 10-track album, the deluxe also features the full version of Lanez’s viral TikTok sound “Hurts Me” with Trippie Redd. The track was officially released over the summer, seemingly alluding to another full-length edition of Alone At Prom months ago.

Among past highlights like “Last Kiss Of Nebulon,” “Ballad Of A Badman,” “Enchanted Waterfall” and hit singles in “87 Stingray” and “Lady Of Namek,” new cuts like “Crystal Strawberry,” “Alexa Loves It” and “KAME HOUSE” all transport you within the throes of a prom night dance floor.

As our “Prom King” croons about about love at first sight, heartbreak and burned memories, it’s important to note that Lanez shared the album currently incarcerated per his incident with Megan Thee Stallion. Here, another “can you separate the art from the artist?” conversation rears its head with the timeliness of AAP’s deluxe. While it sours the arrival of Tory’s latest slate, it doesn’t affect the quality of the gems he’s shared — and the talent he possesses.

Alone At Prom still stands as one of my personal favorite albums of the 2020s — even if its sound is from 40 years in the past. Lanez has mastered its sound, and his lane altogether.

Listen to Alone At Prom (deluxe) below!

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