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TyFontaine eyeing ‘Ascension’ sequel ‘A2’

TyFontaine is collecting checks and respect in 2022.

Only two weeks removed from his second project of the year, WTF is P¡NK, the DMV hitmaker seems to be going back for thirds — teasing the upcoming sequel to his 2021 independent debut album, Ascension.

Clearing his Instagram and changing his profile picture to a screenshot of Frank Ocean, Michi continued to conjure hype for the project after posting a callout to his “producer friends” on his IG Story — imploring them to “Send Beats 4 A2 (Ascension 2).” He later posted “A2 nxt” on Twitter, evidently confirming the LP’s existence.

This isn’t the first time Fontaine has teased Ascension 2, initially revealing his drop schedule in a now-deleted tweet prior to WTF is P¡NK’s release. Before that, he shared his second independent album Beautiful Michi Girls following its teaser EP B4BMG. Similarly, Ascension was a moment for the DC native last summer, ultimately redefining Ty’s soundscape following his departure from Internet Money.

Reintroducing his eccentric alter-ego “Michi” in grandiose fashion on BMG, it’s evident that Fontaine is streaking for stratospheric success, “letting NOBODY breathe” after sharing the album in May. Previously describing his art as an “experience,” Fontaine is fully able to tap into his thoughts, fears and emotions to create the “classic shit” he’s gunning for.

Both BMG and WTF is P¡NK are pure examples of Michi’s heightened taste, as the “SCHEMES” emcee looks to level up once more on Ascension 2.

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