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TyFontaine surprises fans with new YouTube exclusive ‘When The Lights Go Out’

TyFontaine is having a “Beautiful” 2022. Stemming from his sultry second independent album Beautiful Michi Girls in May, it seems as though Michi is “back on his Sh¡t” for his latest single “When The Lights Go Out.”

Dropping the surprise track on Tuesday (June 21), Fontaine is as fiery as ever in yet another innovative showcasing of his talent. Shot by close collaborator ANTI, the YouTube exclusive sees the pair extend their work together in triumphant fashion, as Fontaine’s “When The Lights Go Out” is a experimentally robust deviation of his signature sound.

Touting grainy vocal chops and drumless production, Ty swoonly sing-raps over the hypnotic yet uncanny sample with ease. While just a month removed from his R&B-infused LP, Fontaine keeps his foot on the gas on his newest release — taking the underground’s patented rage to new heights. With video game synths and low-growling, atmospheric 808s (produced by Bloublood, Skipass and Issy), Fontaine’s voice is once again the star of the show — proving that he doesn’t need any percussion on the near 2-minute banger.

The visual showcases Michi on more rooftops singing and rapping to the heavens — similar to he and ANTI’s previous visuals for “Keep IT Real” off his teaser tape B4BMG and “ByMySelf.” With plans to kick off “The Beautiful Ascension Tour” on July 8 in Atlanta, Michi’s enigmatic performance on “When The Lights Go Out” is sure to mirror his superstar energy on stage.

Just a day after his YouTube single, Fontaine quickly turned around another offering in “My Level.” Officially released on digital streaming platforms Wednesday (June 22), “My Level” feels like a continuation of his previous effort — gliding over waning synths and staccato piano melodies as Ty reasserts his refined singing ability once more.

Overall, the DMV hitmaker truly gets back into his bag on “When The Lights Go Out” — divulging to Our Generation Music that following BMG, he would be reverting back to “mixtape Ty.” Seemingly igniting his next era on his new effort, TyFontaine continues to prove he’s the underground star everyone is catching up to.

Watch TyFontaine’s new video below!

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