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UnoTheActivist drops eclectic new video, single ‘Pay Up!’

Who in hip-hop keeps their fans better fed than UnoTheActivist? While listeners wait patiently for the release of UnoTheActivist’s forthcoming LP Limbus 3, the OG SoundCloud pioneer graced fans with a first taste of the project on his fiery new single “Pay Up!” (June 10).

Known for his high-energy mixes and affinity for distorted electronic vocal performances, UnoTheActivist’s latest banger sees our hero doing what he does best. “Pay Up!” is Uno’s first effort since the release of Limbus 2.5 in April, as hip-hop has sorely missed the cosmic rage-plugg magic that only he can provide.

Sporting a LONEWOLF-directed visual, “Pay Up!” features the Atlanta mainstay flexing his signature style in a psychadelic sepia-toned video. Whether he’s delivering hypnotic melodies in an abandoned church, or draped in layers weilding a large stick, UnoTheActivist’s musical talent is just as effortless as it is understated.

When he’s not remixing classic rage anthems or on Twitter clarifying his lyrics for fans, UnoTheActivist seems to practically live in the studio. Although not much is known about the final installment of his Limbus series, “Pay Up!” was one of few new tracks teased by the Atlanta-based rapper earlier this year.

Though the hype for Limbus 3 may be palpable at this point, Uno has shared four projects in the past year alone — most recently connecting with MadeinTYO for their joint album Yokohama in December. However, there’s no doubt that Uno will keep fans consistently fed until Limbus 3 finally hits DSPs.

Listen to “Pay Up!” by UnoTheActivist below!

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