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Wolfacejoeyy releases his debut EP and it’s ‘all your fault’ 

Staten Island’s Wolfacejoeyy is looking to end his breakout year with a bang with the release of his debut EP, all your fault.

Wolfacejoeyy has been making waves this year with his viral breakout song and certified TikTok hit “Shake It,” catching ears around the internet on account of his bouncy Jersey Club-inspired sound and refreshingly gentle melodic delivery. This week, he’s looking to capitalize on his viral success throughout the year with his first-ever project. 

On the whole, Wolfacejoeyy is attacking the new wave with a unique angle. Since finding his stride with “Shake It” in the newly popular “dance” lane, he has largely forgone the more typical rage and plugg soundscapes to double down on a more pop-feeling sound that showcases his charming vocals and trap-infused, club-leaning new wave production seen throughout his new 7-track EP. 

As he prepared to drop his first project this week, Joeyy has enjoyed an outpouring of support from fellow rising stars in the new wave. In addition to dropping a new remix of his breakout hit and picking up an important ally from Bronx Drill frontrunner B-Lovee, he also recently scored a big cosign from the newly crowned King of Streaming, Kai Cenat

On Monday, he took to Instagram to preview the opening track from all your fault, dropping the bouncy drums to zero in on his tender vocal over stripped-down produced by another important figure in the new wave, producer Rio Leyva on the track we now know is called “gaslight?” The new tape also includes the previously released “makeawish,” where he pairs his tender vocal with trappy 808s instead of bouncy Jersey club basslines, similar to his approach on songs like “city” and “let u go.” 

As a testament to his growing network of talented young stars, it’s worth noting his subtle shoutout to Highway, a fellow rising talent in the new wave on “Up,” making a nod to his popular refrain with the line “I was broke, feel like Highway now I’m counting faster.” Not to overlook the song’s entertaining intro and outro from who could only be ExavierTV, the hilarious rising star on the West Coast who recently appeared in a Cash App campaign alongside Kendrick Lamar

From the minute it was released, it seemed like “Shake It” was destined for viral success. Not only on account of its catchy melodies and confident delivery from a fresh-faced Joeyy, but the infectious production the song is built around was actually produced by Whereis22 – better known as Michael Rainey Jr. and probably best known as Tariq from the popular Starz’s series Power. 

With the new remix released this week in the lead-up to his new project, Joeyy made another smart move and hometown connection by tapping Bronx drill’s B-Lovee – coming from the complete opposite end of the spectrum to add a hard-nosed edge with his signature raspy flow and gritty drill bars to create a fun, fresh-sounding and fully New York bop for the new generation. 

There is no denying that Wolfacejoeyy is an exciting newcomer bringing a fresh sound to the new wave. Throughout the year he had made a string of brilliant moves and picked up some of the biggest cosigns a rising NY artist could ask for. And to close it out, he showcased the full potential of his unique and refreshing sound with the release of his debut EP. 

Listen to Wolfacejoeyy’s ‘all your fault’ EP below

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