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Young Dolph’s posthumous ‘Dolphland’ pop-up museum hits Los Angeles

Young Dolph’s legacy will never be forgotten. Aside from his illustrious career, the late Memphis rapper was further immortalized as one of hip-hop’s fallen stars when his estate opened Dolphland: A traveling museum dedicated to Dolph’s memory and music.

On the heels of his posthumous album, Paper Route Frank (Dec. 16), the museum opened for business on Jan. 13 in New York City and is currently traveling from city-to-city as a pop-up exhibit. Full of intricate paintings and other installations — showcasing a Dolph-themed minimart and an impressive bust complete with his trademark glasses and dolphin chain — Dolphland is the epitome of Dolph’s impact, as the museum set up shop at in Los Angeles last weekend (Feb. 3).

Close collaborators and friends like Key Glock, T.I., and CEO P of Quality Control Records paid their respects and marveled at the adoration and dedication that Dolph still commands years after his passing. P, who heads the label responsible for artists like Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty and more, spoke on how he felt about the museum.

“I think it’s pretty amazing. I think any time when somebody passes, and someone’s doing something to keep their name alive and their memory alive, it’s amazing. It’s a beautiful thing.”


The atmosphere at Dolphland brought an air of excitement, awe, nostalgia and of course, grief. With placards and platinum records on the walls of the exhibit, attendees were reminded of the many triumphs of Young Dolph, who was slain in his native Memphis in 2021. Along with anecdotes of his charitable efforts, one of the most notable installations is a tribute to “100 Shots” — a record that gave Dolph much notoriety as the record served as a public response to Dolph being shot at 100 times and surviving.

Dolphland is touring the United States and is spending two to three days at each destination. This week, the museum is headed to Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl LVI. You can view the museum’s touring schedule and purchase tickets here. Additionally, each ticket purchased automatically enters you into a raffle worth $100,000.

Long live Paper, Young Dolph.

Check out Dolphland gallery below!

Photos by Rickie Arnez

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