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YSL R.I.C.O. case unravels as members take plea deals

Photo from @2x_unfoonk on Instagram

As YSL members start taking plea deals one by one, it seems like there is a lot of speculation as to what will happen going forward regarding Young Thug and his organization.

The group’s latest member to escape the RICO case is Unfoonk, who made a statement regarding his involvement in the case after receiving 10 years of probation rather than the initial 12-year sentence he received.

After serving 11 years for murder before being released on appeal in 2019, Unfoonk shortly found himself in trouble again as the YSL’s ensuing RICO hammered down on the organization that he joined just a year prior.

Unfoonk, who is Young Thug’s biological brother, isn’t the only one to respond, with fellow affiliate Slimelife Shawty also rejecting claims that he told on any of his fellow YSL members. This makes five members, including Gunna and Lil Duke, to accept plea deals of some sort, although it is unclear what this means for the case as a whole.

While the general public has been pretty torn between support and outrage, the rappers and their legal teams insist that they have not submitted statements that would hurt Young Thug or any other defendants.

All in all, the general consensus is that we will find out the effects of these statements once this case goes to trial in January 2023 — eight months since the award-winning artists’ arrests in May 2022. Although fans have been sharing opinions all over social media, it won’t be clear as far as what these pleas mean for the case until we see how the prosecution uses any potential statements in the courtroom.

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