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CP Interview: ‘We making noise the rest of the year’

There’s an immediate sense of urgency when speaking with CP. The Chicago-born rapper — who dropped his third album, Motion Muzik, featuring BabyTron, BLP Kosher and Warhol.SS in May — not only continued an impressive 2023 with his recent single “2 Booted Up,” but ambitiously looks forward to his next album, Motion Muzik 2. Armed with a style reminiscent of a comatose Baby Smoove or Certified Trapper, the rapper brings his own distinct sound into this genre of blazing BPM beats and laid-back bars built for any function.

In this editorial exclusive, we chopped it up with CP about his upcoming projects, his relationship with Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade, Motion Muzik 2, his favorite producers in the industry and much more!

Read the full interview below!

A conversation with CP…

EH: When did you get started in music?

CP: “I didn’t even start rapping until I got out of high school. I only really freestyled back [then]… My friends would always try to get me to start rapping, but I never thought anything of it. It eventually got to the point where when I dropped out of college, me and Cole [Bennett] were running around and shooting for all these rappers. I would be thinking this whole time like ‘if they can do it, why can’t I?’ I started hitting the studio more and just started sending Cole these songs I was making. Actually, the first song I really got on, Cole put on his Macbook so me and him were just rapping over this beat on GarageBand .”

EH: What music were you listening to growing up? Who was putting you on to new music?

CP:When I was growing up, I was listening to 50 Cent, Kanye, Three 6 Mafia — because my mom would always put me on to them. Me and Three 6 had similar upbringings. I feel like I was getting influenced by music without even knowing it because my mom would always be putting on new sh*t for me.

EH: You have “2 Booted Up” coming out this week produced by Ceobeats and Lotto. Tell us about your relationship with Lotto and the work you guys have put out so far. 

CP:Lotto — that’s my boy man. Me and Lotto have been locked in for years, I’ve known him since 2010, when I was in high school. He was already making beats in high school, so when I first started making music he was one of the first ones to tap in with me and start making music. This track ‘2 Booted Up’ is one of the hundreds — if not thousands — we’ve made. I feel like we’ve been working on our sound for years and this one we got is the hottest we’ve ever done. We’re only getting better at finding our sound. ‘2 Booted Up’ is both of our personalities and the music we’ve both been listening to for years combined.

EH: Tell us about ‘Motion Muzik’?

CP: “‘Motion Muzik’ started as I moved around and linked with the people that I f**k with. I’m trying to bring people a new EP that showcases the current version of me to my fans.”

EH: What was it like to work with artists like BLP Kosher, Babytron and Warhol.SS on ‘Motion Muzik’? 

CP:I met BabyTron a few times before we got a song off. He pulled up to the studio in LA and we did ‘Constellation.’ I met Blp in the same breath. The day I made ‘Constellation with Tron, BLP was in the studio with us. He was fucking with the sound and we knew we needed to get one in. A few weeks later, he pulled back up to the studio and we made ‘No Free Promo.’ I’ve been knowing Warhol.SS for years, he’s from Chicago and we’ve been locked in for a while. We got lots of songs together, but this one, ‘Swisher Sweets,’ was the hardest. We had to put it on the album.”

EH: You were one of the first artists to co-sign BLP Kosher, how does it feel to see him going up like he has this year? 

CP: “It feels good to see somebody that I f**k with genuinely shoot up and get the recognition he deserves. Shout out to him, man. When I first got put on to [his music], I thought he was interesting. But when I met him, I understood as a creative how raw he really was. It’s great to see him getting the love he deserves.”

EH: Who are some artists or producers you could see yourself working with in the future?

CP: “I’ve been tapped in with BNYX recently.”

EH: He’s been going crazy recently. On the new Utopia and co-producing Drake’s tour. 

CP: He’s going insane. We’re gonna make some crazy shit… wait on it. Other producers I’ve really been f**king with recently are like Cash Cobain, ATL Jacob, Riot, Wheezy. I’ve been working with Bhristo recently too

EH: How about artists you’d like to work with? 

CP: “LUCKI, G Herbo, Sosa, anyone in that Chicago scene. There are some people in Florida going crazy too. Me and Danny [Towers] gotta get one in this year. Trapland Pat too.”

EH: How does your involvement with the Lyrical Lemonade team and such a talented group of creatives inspire and influence your music?

CP: “I think in a lot of ways, it’s about seeing people that really love what they do and are so passionate about whatever they’re doing on a daily basis. I can’t help but be inspired and motivated to go crazy in my own regard. Being around that on a constant level really makes you tighten up because if you don’t, you’ll be out. It really has just confirmed to me that this sh*t really is for me because I’m constantly surrounded by a number of guys going crazy in everything they do.

EH: What do you have planned for the rest of the year? 

CP: “I’m dropping ‘Motion Muzik 2,’ even though Motion Muzik just dropped. Features to be announced but you can expect BabyTron, BLP Kosher and Danny Towers on that. I’ll probably drop another project too — nonstop music, nonstop singles, nonstop videos, pressure all year man. We making noise for the rest of the year.”