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BLP Kosher Interview: ‘Never judge a book by its cover… I know why I’m here’

“Don’t let anybody tell you it’s unrealistic to follow your dreams,” BLP Kosher says, admittedly fighting through allergies in his first-ever sit down interview. His skater swag seethes through his black block-letter “HOCKEY” beanie, blue flannel and trademark wicks that hang right over his ears. His look may incite double takes and endless meme posts, but the 22-year-old Florida rapper means all business — clad with a clear vision for success a decade down the line.

“Never judge a book by its cover,” he said. “Everybody is here for a reason, and I know the reason of why I’m here, what I’m supposed to do and the stepping stones I’ll use to get there.”

The Broward County-adjacent, Deerfield Beach native has experienced a come-up like no other. Hailing from the same stomping grounds as Kodak Black, XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask The Slump God, BLP Kosher — a hybrid of his real-name initials and the Jewish term for “authentic” or “acceptable” — grew up in the skateparks surrounding his hometown, chasing his initial dream of becoming a professional skater.

Sponsored by a slew of local skate shops, his aspirations slowly turned to rap after meeting his fellow “Dreidel Twin” and mentor Jew Shiesty. Giving him the courage and motivation to pursue music seriously, BLP broke out big with his mixtape BLP Kosher and the Magic Dreidel in 2022, which followed a huge co-sign from Cole Bennett and BabyTron on his Lyrical Lemonade-backed collab “Mazel Tron.” His bars are as crazy as they are creative, igniting a sound and persona comparable to the Detroit scam-rap icon. Yet, Kosher is one of a kind.

Citing Kodak, X, Lil Wayne and Camila Cabello, among others, as key inspirations, BLP is perhaps the most misunderstood artist in rap’s current landscape. From the pages’ worth of haters flooding his comments, “helping out my algorithm” in the process, to to channeling his Jewish background on tracks like “Mazel Tron,” “Jew in a Canoe” and “Dreidel Twinz,” this isn’t a gimmick for Kosher, who knows his purpose well enough to embrace those who love and hate him.

Genuine to his core, the final five minutes of his conversation with OGM’s Hakeem Rowe offers greater insight into his intentions. It’s as if the cameras are turned off, offering real advice for our generation and calculated intent towards the next steps of his career. He is far from the “finesse game” the music industry so frequently presents. “I want to do this our way. I don’t want handouts,” he said. “I don’t want to feel like I made it in music just because someone made a call or somebody put money behind me.”

With his new album, Bars-mitvah, on the way, BLP Kosher chopped it up with OGM host Hakeem Rowe in his first-ever on-camera interview, speaking on his forthcoming album, Judaism, linking with BabyTron and Cole Bennett, his musical inspirations, his upcoming project and more in this Our Generation Music exclusive.

Watch BLP Kosher’s OGM exclusive below!