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Doe Boy Interview: Cleveland’s rising star holds the keys to his success

Doe Boy’s sound is a testament to the streets he wholeheartedly represents everywhere he goes.

Hailing from Cleveland, the enigmatic Future-signed Freebandz rapper is creating a lane all his own — striving to shine outside of the box that is “gangsta rap.”

Showing up bright and early with a bottle of Casamigos for his Our Generation interview with Hakeem Rowe, Doe Boy is as personable as it gets. Down to Earth, sincere and humorous, the Ohio rapper has seen his star skyrocket as of late. With strong ties to Southside and 808 Mafia, his recent collaborations with Future, Rowdy Rebel, 42 Dugg and more have continued to put him on the radar of mainstream listeners.

In the same vein, Drake previously showed love to the FBG artist — posting a video of the duo in the studio working on some unreleased music. Doe explained that Drizzy reached out to him in regards to an upcoming single, where the 6 God requested a feature that hopefully sees the light of day sooner rather than later.

Speaking on his recent exploits and plans for upcoming material, the buzzing rapper also opened up about his recent health endeavors, explaining that he’s slowed down on his drinking and started taking care of his body.

Along with bettering himself, Cleveland has been putting on for the homegrown artist for years. Doe detailed the respect he receives from his hometown, with “red carpet treatment” at every restaurant or event he goes to.

With an unrelenting work ethic, Doe Boy’s grind seemingly never stops — putting out a string of stellar singles this past year on his way to the top. His most recent track, “Ain’t My Fault,” sees visceral verses from both Rowdy Rebel and 42 Dugg, as Doe Boy entices listeners with the track’s repetitive yet instantly catchy hook “it ain’t my fault.”

With his best music in front of him, Doe divulged plenty of details regarding his new album Oh Really — which dropped Wednesday, Jan. 26. Revealing Ty Dolla $ign, Vory, Roddy Ricch, Lil Uzi Vert, Nardo Wick and more are joining him on the project, his relationship with the FBG/Freebandz CEO has previously produced classics in “Tweakin,” “100 Shooters” and “Back In My Bag.”

As Doe Boy continues to reach for hip-hop’s top spot, he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on Oh Really, “Ain’t My Fault,” Freebandz, Keys To Cleveland and more in his Our Generation exclusive interview.

Watch Doe Boy’s OGM exclusive interview below!

Quotable Moments

Hakeem Rowe: You’ve been working on a lot of new music but I also seen you in the studio with the boy, man. With Drizzy Drake… Can you tell us about that session?

Doe Boy: “That shit was crazy. He texted me, it was like seven o’clock in the morning. He sent me a video of him listening to the song. He was like, “I need that ‘Oh Really’ on here.” I said… don’t worry about it I’ll be on the next flight out.”

HR: You’re a very funny person. I don’t know if people get to see that just from a social aspect.

DB: “Yeah I be trying to fix up my image up and s*** though, get this s*** together. I like nice clothes and bad b****** and s*** like that. Everybody thinks I just like guns like that’s all I like.”

HR: How have you approached this album process differently?

DB: “I actually discovered something that gave me super powers. Something that I discovered, a new thing. You ever drove a Tesla before? [They] give you super powers… I got songs telling stories, I got songs about girls, I got songs about killing people, I got songs about being fly. It’s just not all gangsta.”