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Autumn! shares new album ‘Midnight Club’

Autumn! has proven time and time again that he’s one of, if not the most talented rapper of the SoundCloud 2.0 wave. Alongside RR and former Slayworld trendsetters like Yeat, Kankan, Summrs and more, the Louisiana native has outdone himself in 2023 with projects like Golden Child, Chapter 3 and his latest 12-track tape Midnight Club.

Perhaps his most versatile album to date, the former Victor Victor signee finds clarity in the neon lights of Midnight Club — illustrated by the album’s “Midnight Club”-inspired cover art and vast selection of shimmering beats. Tracks like “4Gseller!”, “Abloh!”, “Chanelly & Birkin!”, “Cocaine Diamonds!” and “Survive the Fall!” all display Autumn!’s evolution, utilizing grandiose, cinematic arrangements and melodies that deviate from the atypical rage soundscape. Impressively, the album has already eclipsed 2.5 million streams on Spotify just two days after its release (Aug. 22).

While bells, whiry synths and electric guitars are scattered throughout, the album is a potent showcase of his lyrical capabilities — as well as the direction of his sound — as the now-independent rapper takes a step forward on Midnight Club, maturing altogether.

“More time, more freedom. That’s the most important thing, a lot of y’all are chasing the money, chase the freedom,” he says on “Two Chrome Necklaces!”. “The money comes with the freedom. If this is what you wanna do to make money, just to get out a position you in, that’s fine. But I do this because I love it. That has to come first.”

Following GCC3 and 2022 projects in Antagonist! and GCC2, the “One Way” phenom holds a one-way ticket to superstardom if his progression keeps up. On a personal note, Autumn! is operating at a league above every other underground emcee, taking himself and his sound to new heights with each passing project. Don’t believe me? Just listen.

Listen to ‘Midnight Rave’ below!

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