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Joey Bada$$ finds himself ‘Fallin’ in new visual

After emerging as a young prodigy in rap’s golden age, Joey Bada$$ has proven to be a timeless staple in the game.

Though being a product of traditional rap, the Brooklyn-bred emcee has never boxed himself in nor limited himself — continuing to expand his sound on his newest single “Fallin” (April 7) ahead of a R&B-inspired project.

Despite releasing his long-awaited album 2000 — a follow-up to his classic debut mixtape 1999 — Joey has teased the idea of releasing a R&B project since its release last summer. This time around, fans won’t have to wait five years as he stated on Twitter. “I know y’all still bumping 2000 but I’m ready to drop some new sh*t,” he wrote.

Hyping up the release of the project with “Fallin,” produced by long-time collaborators Chuck Strangers and Powers Pleasant alongside Adam Pallin, Dj Khalil and McClenney, Joey can be heard getting a lot more vulnerable about his emotions for a special someone. Reflecting on love and lust, Bada$$ showcases his growth as he pairs smooth melodies with the soulful production.

“They say all is fair in love and war and I ain’t ‘fraid to risk it all

F*ck it, if I trip and fall, barely do I miss your call

Safe to say you got me open, miss me, girl, I miss you morе

Soon as you walk through my door, I need your panties on the floor”

Joey Bada$$ – “Fallin”

Accompanied by a video that brings the record to life as it focuses on Joey falling in slow motion on a bed — further amplifying his engulfing feelings of falling in love. His pen is nothing to play with as he’s proved in the past that he can expand outside of rap by co-writing on Post Malone‘s “Rockstar” and now getting in his R&B bag — indicating that he has a lot more in store for this year.

Aside from music, Joey Bada$$ has seen great success in film and television, earning an Academy Award for his role in Two Distant Strangers — going on to star in his own short film Show Me alongside actress Sereyah.

Joey also recently announced that he will be joining Wiz Khalifa on the “Good Trip” tour this month (April 15-22) presented by Smokers Club.

Check out “Fallin” below!

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