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Rich Amiri ‘Can’t Die’ in latest explosive single

Looking one or two tiers below the mainstream hip-hop top dawgs, you’ll find a beautiful self-sustaining ecosystem of teenage icons. This new wave of pluggnb and rage inspired phenoms includes a loaded roster of young men like Tana, SSGKobe, Slump6s, KA$HDAMI, midwxst and Boston native Rich Amiri.

Amiri has been unloading new singles throughout this year at a rate that few have matched, along with his For The Better project from June and CHASE EP from March. All of the releases have been leading his quest to find his own distinct sound, which he alludes to us during his OGM exclusive interview in May.

Now, just one week removed from adding two singles “ruthless” and “trouble” to DSPs on July 29, Rich Amiri is back. Being the unstoppable force he is, his latest track, released on Aug. 5, is fittingly titled “Can’t Die.”

Over the Internet Money produced, arcade game inspired instrumental, the Bostonian uses his, quite frankly, deep ass voice reminiscent of Fetty Wap to harmonize about persisting through the “fake in disguise.”

You be claimin’ you real, but I know that you fake in disguise

Fake in disguise, no, I ain’t perfect, but I be tryin’

You say you real, you holdin’ it down, boy, why is you lyin’?

I told you I was gon’ cut you off, lil’ b*tch, like why is you cryin’?

Push the lil’ button in the coupe, and then we take off, hell yeah, we be flyin

“Can’t Die” — Rich Amiri

Amiri’s “they tryna kill me, I can’t die” hook, which sandwiches his aforementioned verse, is depicted perfectly in his Matrix inspired music video, where he recreates scenes from Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne in the film.

“Can’t Die” is ultimately an optimal description for Amiri’s untouchable status in the game right now, as he’s gotten the best of 2022 with continued elite releases.

Check out Rich Amiri’s latest single below!