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Scorey remixes The Band Perry on new genre-bending single ‘Die Young’

Scorey has been making waves and “breaking more guitars” since his appearance on Polo G’s Hall Of Fame. Amassing a strong following behind his arsenal of singles and latest EP Guardian Angel, Scorey continues to show he’s here to stay, impressing once more on his rock-infused single “Die Young.”

Repackaging The Band Perry’s hit track “If I Die Young,” Scorey croons an emotionally-uplifting emo-rap ballad over somber keys and trap percussion. His scintillating voice and guttural inflections cast Scorey as a leading act in the new wave, touting tons of untapped potential in the process. As Polo G’s protégée part of his newly-founded label Capalot Records, it’s evident that Scorey takes his own approach to his rock-rap sound fans have become all too familiar with in recent years.

Bolstering his mainstream appeal, Dro Kenji and Internet Money tapped the New York rapper for “FINDERS KEEPERS” last week — a bouncy, infectious cut touting all the chart-topping sizzle previous Internet Money hits possess. Despite the song being under Dro’s discography — leading up to his next album WITH OR WITHOUT YOU Scorey takes over the track with his catchy “finders, keepers” hook and a vicious verse that follows soon after.

On “Die Young,” the up-and-coming singer’s refined knack for combining melodies continues to instantly capture listeners, flowing and narratively spitting on a brighter future, the harsh reality of the streets and reinforces his undoubted dedication to his craft all while masterfully channeling his rock roots.

And if I meet my demise to streets

I know I can say I left my life on the beat

You can tell the gang that me and all the guys is at peace

Plus I’m linkin’ with my angels, so my life is complete

Scorey — “Die Young”

Even more impressively, flipping a country song into an angst-filled, rock-rap remix speaks bounds beyond his capabilities as a lyricist — reaffirming the amount of unearthed talent he possesses this early in his career. Keep an eye out for Scorey as he continues to plant the seeds for an impending debut project.

Listen to ‘Die Young’ by Scorey below!