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Wolfacejoeyy surprises with new EP ‘Hues Vol 2′

If you were waiting on Wolfacejoeyy to drop his long-teased track “Anita,” then Hues Vol. 2 must’ve felt like Christmas morning.

Stemming from his Sound 42 and Kai Cenat co-signed hit “Buku” — as well as other infectious cuts like “Skye” and “TRUE (A E I O U)” — the Staten Island native’s new EP came as a complete surprise on Friday (April 28). Touting three tracks each with a differing vibe, or hue, Joey reasserts his versatility as a pop-leaning phenom built for bigger and brighter stages.

While “Anita” has been locked in the 20-year-old singer-rapper’s vault since November, he felt it was only right to gift fans with a few more songs ahead of a full-length album. Joey’s latest project follows his debut EP, all you fault, last December, as Hues Vol. 2 displays his ability to slide over deep 808s, contemplative Jersey Club and groovy Afrobeat bops near flawlessly. Hues, Vol. 1 dropped in February 2022, and also held three tracks.

“I had recorded ‘Anita’ right after ‘Buku’… It was really a song sitting in the vault that I really liked, and thankfully, the fans have been at my neck for it for so long. I decided that instead of just giving them just ‘anita,’ I would gift them two other songs. The EP was done [for a while], and was supposed to drop, but then ‘buku’ blew the f**k up. [I’m finally happy] to give this to the world.”

Wolfacejoeyy to OGM

Joey’s consistency and virality is not only coupled with immense TikTok stardom, but “Buku” reaching over 1 million streams last month — a feat the artist still has yet to comprehend. “‘Buku’ hitting a million just made me want to get another one, to be real,” he said. “It’s weird because I haven’t celebrated it yet, but I’m grateful for it, truly. The song wouldn’t be what it is without the fans so I’m really happy they loved it so much to stream it a million times… literally.

Riding the wave of “Buku’s” success, “Anita” continues the thrill for Joey fans watching him ascend right before their eyes. While teased on his social media for months, “Anita” isn’t even the best track on Hues V2. Interpolating Drake‘s iconic Take Care interlude “Cameras / Good Ones Go,” “Cdg” is an instant new wave classic. “I tell lil shawty wassup / if you want smoke, and it’s up / lil boy, get hit with a Fortnite pump,” he tears off with no effort, taking his fast-paced, high-pitched flow to greater lengths over the track’s mosh-inspired percussion. The “cutie patootie” rapper — who’s been dubbed as “pinkpantheress for the boys” — also flexes an island-esque sound on “Lalala,” perfect for poolside kickbacks as summer quickly approaches.

Amid a sample platter of new songs, Joey reveals a “longer body of work” is definitely on the way. But for now, Hues Vol. 2 is sure to have you melt within the rising star’s iridescent aura.

“I plan to show people my diversity now and show them everything in my arsenal. In all aspects, rapping, singing all of it… I want to share it with everyone. A longer body of work will definitely be later in the year, but this EP is something for the fans to hold on to.”

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Listen to ‘Hues, Vol. 2’ below!

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