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A$AP Ant is spending ‘The God Hour’ with A$AP Rocky on new collab

Looks like the A$AP movement is back in full force, as A$AP Rocky continued to lead the charge with unexpected feature appearances as of late.

Dropping verses on tracks with Tyler, The Creator, Nigo and $NOT, fans have been patiently waiting for the TESTING rapper’s next full-length project, rumored to be titled ALL SMILES. However, he holds over fans with another guest spot feature on fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Ant’s new single “The God Hour” (April 1).

Leading in with a sample of Memphis veteran Lil Gin’s “I Keep It Real,” the instrumental brings back sights and sounds of classic A$AP Mob tracks, using contrasting 808s and violins to create a unique soundscape for Ant and Rocky to glide over.

“Dressed like Aquemini, gentle guy, no, I ain’t femini’

Long as I keep my hands sanitized

I’ma come clean I just realized with no analyze

Money can’t fit in my pocket no more ’cause I’m sample sized

Shoutout to Max, shoutout my guys

Slide out the back, slide out the side

Got a new job just to shoot out the top

Just to shoot out the top”

A$AP Rocky — “The God Hour” by A$AP Ant

Ant starts off the track with a staccato verse speaking on certain business arrangements that led him to his current financial status. Sandwiched between Ant’s vocals, Rocky hops in for a quick-yet-threatening hook before dropping a short verse chock-full of quotables.

This single marks Ant’s second track this year, with the first being “Time Crisis” last month (March 2022.) Despite the previous release, “The God Hour” serves as the first single off of Ant’s untitled debut album, coming soon after his horde of high-quality underground mixtapes.

Following Rocky and A$AP Ferg’s appearance’s on Nigo’s new album I Know NIGO, all of the members of the Mob continue to bolster their individual success in one way or another. With overwhelmingly positive reactions to their latest work, Ant and Rocky’s new collab triumphantly warrants a call for more collective A$AP Mob music. Time will only tell when the the esteemed NYC group will drop a collaborative project next, but this single surely will be able to keep fans occupied until then.

Check out ‘The God Hour’ by A$AP Ant featuring A$AP Rocky below!

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