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BabySantana, Slump6s turn up in new DotCom Nirvan visual for ‘Antisocial’

One of the year’s most popular SoundCloud songs earns visuals from DotCom Nirvan.

Two of the new wave’s brightest stars BabySantana and Slump6s absolutely exploded this year with over 10 million plays (and counting) on SoundCloud — all thanks to their breakout hit “Antisocial.”

The song stands as one of the duo’s most popular tracks on DSPs to date. Due to its success, BabySantana and Slump were able to make the song a series by dropping “Antisocial 2” featuring Yung Fazo, Xhulooo, and SSGKobe.

For DotComNirvan, “Antisocial” puts him back into his bag — curating yet another colorful collage of animated cuts and quick shots that match the track’s energy perfectly.

Nirvan has been absolutely locked in this year, making videos with just about every popping new wave artist like KanKan, TyFontaine, Yeat, midwxst, KA$HDAMI, Pasto Flocco, and more. Earning his respect, Nirvan has also become one of the most sought-after directors in the underground because of his simple yet animated, direction style.

In “Antisocial,” fans find its visuals just as exciting as the song itself. The song — filled with sharp synths and high-pitched leads — is superbly complemented by the video’s quick cuts and euphoric cartoon animations, courtesy of DotComCrash. The video showcases many assertively lit shots and of the duo simply turning up to their hit.

While Tana has been hard at work getting his next album together, Slump6s dropped a 3-track pack titled DAKOTAROMANI back in May — with each song featuring BabySantana. The dynamic duo has become a fan favorite in the new wave, as they also recently appeared on midwxst’s latest EP, Back In Action.

Both BabySantana and Slump6s have been providing fans with new music all of 2021, and show no signs of slowing down this early into their budding careers.

Watch the latest visual for “Antisocial” below!

Photo via Instagram | @babysantana