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‘Sexy Drill’ goes worldwide with ‘Wizzas in Paris’

Fresh off their European tour, Cash Cobain, Chow Lee, Lonny Love and Swoosh God returned for “Wizzas In Paris” — their latest single and video that celebrates their overseas adventures and newfound status as New York’s “sexiest” drill leaders.

In the wake of 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy, Cash and Chow’s hugely-entertaining joint album saw them take their talents on the road — first to Rolling Loud Miami and then for a multi-country European trek. Garnering impressively warm receptions in London, Paris and more, the independent rise of Sexy Drill is truly unprecedented — and is still warming up.

For those that may be late to the party, “Wizzas in Paris” is the perfect introduction to the Sexy Drill sound, along with its eye-catching visual shot in actual Paris by Simon Ross (and crisp edits by ALfromVS). Not only does it feature all four of its leading faces, it incorporates the blossoming NYC subgenre’s most infectious elements: From Cash Cobain’s genre-defining “Not From Youtube” production to its counterintuitive combination of gentle melodies and lovably toxic bars.

The song opens as Chow Lee knocks down the chorus with his signature melodic vocals and extremely quotable bars like: “Your ass got fatter than last time” and “Ling Ling did good on my nails.” Cash is playing both sides of the ball on this track, responsible for its killer production and unapologetic bars like, “Can I grab it? Can I have it? Is it real, is it made out of plastic?”

Swoosh God has garnered a reputation as the life of the party for his infectious dance moves and high energy singles like “Do Ya Shit” — offering his own slick-talking bars on “Wizzas In Paris” including: Now you got that fat ass, when I first met you I swear that sh*t wasn’t there”

Lonny Love, who quietly dropped one of the best Sexy Drill projects to date, is riding the success off Hoechella and Hoechella Deluxe earlier this year — featuring infectious standouts tracks like “Ice Spice,” “Go Down” and “Pretty Girls Get Paid.” Lonny brings his own flavor to the addicting “Wizzas In Paris” — injecting his familiar irreverent energy with lines like Say that you love me, ain’t hear it on purpose.”

Overall, “Wizzas in Paris” is a huge win. Not only is it one of the Slizzy gang’s best collab tracks, it draws greater focus to the mainstream potential for the Sexy Drill sound and the star power of its innovative young pioneers.

Listen to “Wizzas In Paris” below!