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City Morgue joins Keith Ape for new borderless EP

Music is truly a universal language — a concept that’s been proven time and time again when artists from different backgrounds, cultures and generations collaborate.

The most recent evidence for this phenomenon is South Korean rapper Keith Ape’s latest release, a three-track EP with New York rap duo City Morgue. Zillakami and SosMula join Keith as they go full-throttle over three ferocious instrumentals, dropping vicious verses for each track.

Production on $MOKE UNDER THE WATER is mainly handled by Thraxx, City Morgue’s in-house producer who specializes in hard-core punk instrumentals with a trap twist. Keith manages to keep up despite the language barrier, spitting bilingual bars between volatile contributions from Zilla and Sos.

“On sight, we gon’ fight

Swear to god cause he an opp

Test me? I might catch a crime

Tonight, I might catch a charge

I don’t cry, I don’t smile

Too numb to feel shit I’m too high

They worried too much cause I’m too dark

But it’s alright!”

Keith Ape — “All Alright” with Zillakami and SosMula

Keith Ape saw a resurgence in popularity last year as he picked up the pace with releases, dropping his album MOD: Ape’s Basics in Time and Play last year along with a couple of features. With this EP presenting a strong start to 2022, listeners hope to hear more from the “It G Ma” emcee going forward.

Check out ‘$MOKE UNDER THE WATER’ by Keith Ape, Zillakami and SosMula below!