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Cordae leaves no stone unturned on new single ‘Feel It In The Air’

Eleven months removed from the release of his sophomore studio album From A Bird’s Eye View, Cordae‘s presence in the rap game is sorely missed.

Although he has put out a handful of tracks since FABEV like “Checkmate” and his “Unacceptable” two-pack, his authenticity and pen game at an album’s capacity is needed more than ever. On Dec. 1, he proved this sentiment once more, releasing his YouTube-exclusive single “Feel It In The Air.

Throughout his young career, Cordae has presented three prevalent topics within his music: brags about his fame and fortune, his upbringing and his qualms with his current life and the state of rap. On “Feel It In The Air,” he ditches the first talking point, electing instead to focus intently on the toughness of his upbringing and the phoniness of the hip-hop industry.

To further emphasize his struggle, while still yearning for simpler times, Cordae returns to his hometown in Maryland in the accompanying music video. Rapping in front of the building he grew up in, Cordae touches on sensitive subjects like his conversation with Kobe Bryant, his suicidal thoughts and his own drummer betraying him.

When life get hard, it almost feel like God mad at you
The trust that I had in my heart, people shattered you
My goddamn drummer was a rat and I ain’t have a clue
I just want my girl to wake up without an attitude (For real)
I just wish them n****s around me would show gratitude

“Feel It In The Air” — Cordae

Over a classic sample of Beanie Sigel‘s 2005 cut also titled “Feel It In The Air,” Cordae’s three lengthy verses and five minutes of rapping see him pour his heart out to a magnitude that we’ve never seen. Towards the end of the track, he reiterates that the only people he truly wants to interact with moving forward are his colleagues that work for his Hi-Level label.

In his 25 years of life, Cordae has experienced the full range of emotions and a gauntlet of personal experiences, as “Feel It In The Air” reveals the negative side effects of stardom.

Check out Cordae’s latest offering below!