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Cordae, Hit-Boy add new single ‘Checkmate’ to Madden 23 soundtrack

NFL season is here. And, just as every new season comes with a plethora of new story lines and match ups, it also comes with its accompanying video game Madden.

Released on Aug. 19, the Madden soundtrack included a bunch of this year’s hottest hits from all across hip-hop, such as Kendrick Lamar‘s “N95” and Pusha T‘s “Scrape It Off” with Lil Uzi Vert and Don Toliver. Much like last year’s soundtrack though, there has also been a handful of original tracks created solely for the game, namely “Checkmate” by Cordae and Hit-Boy.

Shown in the Madden 23 Launch Trailer debuted during release week, “Checkmate” features a triumphant instrumental laced with trap drums that Cordae sinks his teeth into. As Hit-Boy noted in the trailer that he “could make the biggest hit in the game,” the upbeat track adds another heater to his joint resume with Cordae, along with last December’s “Sinister” with Lil Wayne and last summer’s “Life Is Like a Dice Game” with Nas and Freddie Gibbs.

Throughout the song, Cordae is relentless with his determined bars, rapping about his confidence and competitive spirit. Sandwiching his verses about Dominican Republic yacht rides and still having “a lot to prove,” the hook sets the tone for the motivational anthem.

I feel unstoppable, odds are not probable

Go against the team, that shit is not logical

Living out my dream, these islands I’m on tropical

You ain’t made it ’til all the top models is toppin’ you

“Checkmate” — Cordae

It’s clear that “Checkmate” would be the perfect song to play in the background of an hours-long session grinding on Ultimate Team or Face of the Franchise. With an upcoming album in the works, this new track is a clear indication of the quality of music Cordae has been working on.

While we await more music from Cordae, listen to “Checkmate” below!