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Destroy Lonely keeps experimenting with wavy Tumblr snippets

The vast majority of snippets are previewed on Instagram Live, where rappers can give their fans a taste of what’s to come while constructing an enigmatic persona for those fans to latch on to.

For Destroy Lonely though, he won’t go the typical route. Instead, the “No Stylist” star has opted to distribute his latest snippets through Tumblr — ensuring that the sound is as distorted and muffled as any great snippet should be. That distortion being a direct choice speaks to the idea of snippets in the first place; it’s like you’re walking past Lone’s studio, and fit your ear against the wall to sneak a quick listen.

It’s a obvious sway from the norm, but one that fits the shadow of mysticism lurking within Lone’s image, one that he’s been carefully constructing for years now. The throwback vibe emanates from the stylistic presentation of the snippet, but the musical substance is just as enticing — especially with the Opium signee being fresh off a deluxe album and a recent feature on Homixide Gang’s new album, Homixide Lifestyle.

It’s tough to say if this is a preview of something he eventually plans on releasing, a snippet for the archives and hardcore fans to graciously hold onto, or if he’s just testing the waters of his experimental capabilities.

Whatever it may be, Destroy Lonely has already blessed fans with hours of music in 2022, and that trend looks to continue as the new year rolls in. For the leader of Opium though? Your guess is as good as mine.

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