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Homixide Gang embraces the rage in new music video ‘TF!’

The Opium label has steadily maintained a firm grip on the underground scene throughout the year, with Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely‘s albums both finding appreciation in their niche audiences as well as wider, more mainstream spaces.

Towards the end of the year, Homixide Gang swooped in to add a third project for the Opium roster in 2022. The duo in Homixide Beno and Meechie have followed the abrasive LP (Nov. 22) up with a few music videos to boot. Among these, their latest visual for the song “TF!” featuring Destroy Lonely and frequent collaborator of the duo, Biggavelli may be their most lively video yet.

While previous iterations of Homixide Gang videos feature the same fast-paced, sporadic energy that we see here, the production levels are raised immensely on “TF!,” lending a cleaner palate to the whole video. Mounted cameras on cars are as frequent as night-vision fish-eye effects, as the balance between the practical and computed elements cradle the rapid cadence that Beno and Meechie carry throughout the track.

There’s an undeniable flow of youthful energy found in this video, but that excitement is carefully crafted and preserved with every camera twirl, whether it be practical or digital. That sort of seamless, professional impression puts this video in a caliber above many other rappers in their lane, as the production company Spacedog Co. knocks this visual out of the park.

The duo also dropped a video for the track “Lifestyle” simultaneously with the album, which also helms a creatively wild, yet polished, vibe that makes these visual treatments for their songs an integral part of their blossoming career.

Homixide Gang’s latest album Homixide Lifestyle is out now, sparking the debate of which is the most impressive of Opium’s latest offerings. Whatever you choose, though, you can still catch them on the “No Stylist Tour,” where they’ll be supporting their label-mate Destroy Lonely throughout the U.S.

Check Out the “TF!” music video below!