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Doechii goes 3-for-3 with new single ‘Bitch I’m Nice’

It’s Doechii’s world and we’re all just living in it.

This year, fans have been treated to two eclectic and high-energy releases from the TDE rapper, and thankfully, Doechii returns with her third single of 2022: “Bitch I’m Nice.”

Synthesizing the rapid and unrelenting delivery of “Crazy” with the laid-back bounce of “Persuasive,” “Bitch I’m Nice” is one of the most polished and forward-thinking singles to drop this year. Stemming from a coveted placement on XXL’s 2022 Freshman list, more eyes are on Doechii now than ever before.

Boasting classic Miami bass music with her own futuristic style of hip-hop, Doechii holds nothing back on this track where clever writing is just as understated as it is undeniable. Featuring an all-star lineup of producers including Bankroll Got It, Diego Ave, Go Grizzly and Kal Banx, “Bitch I’m Nice” is the perfect addition to any hip-hop fan’s weekly rotation or function playlist. Sporting a Slimagination-produced visualizer, it’s only a matter of time until “Bitch I’m Nice” becomes one of the hottest songs of the summer.

Niggas sellin’ dreams to buy me a new jet

Cartier drippin’, I’m flexin’ that new wet

I be rollin’ through the hood to buy me a new set

And we sit in foreign cars, you sittin’ on new debt

No sweat, I’m the heavyweight champ, whaddup?

When I bring the coke out, white girls cut up

When I walk up in the room, every boy shut up

Cause they know my niggas zoom in the cut, they run up

Doechii — “Bitch I’m Nice”

Though fans may have to wait a little while longer before Doechii reveals more info about her upcoming project, tracks like “Bitch I’m Nice” are sure to satiate hungry listeners until the Tampa artist is ready to drop. Until then, you can catch us spinning Doechii all summer long.

Check out “Bitch I’m Nice” below!

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