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EST Gee reveals potential for joint project with Jack Harlow

Louisville, Kentucky has been a hotbed for talent in the recent years with street superstar EST Gee and industry favorite Jack Harlow holding it down in very different lanes.

Despite their respective roles within the genre, the duo goes back further than most listeners know. Their first-ever collaboration “Mall Map” dropped almost three years ago, as both artists have come a long way since — each carving their path with originality and consistency.

In a new interview on Apple Music with Ebro, EST Gee revealed that he and Harlow have enough in the vault to drop a whole joint project together.

Expressing a great deal of gratitude for Jack’s role in his success, EST Gee had nothing but kind words for the “Industry Baby” rapper, revealing that the only hold up on more collaboration between the two was his desire to close the gap between their fanbases.

Many listeners, Ebro included, were introduced to EST Gee through his appearance onRoute 66” off of Jack’s acclaimed 2020 project That’s What They All Say. Since then, he has swerved into a completely different lane, recently joining 42 Dugg for a 17-track compilation project titled Last Ones Left.

Similarly, Jack is in album rollout mode, bringing his A-game on his newest single “First Class” in preparation for his second studio album Come Home The Kids Miss You.

Considering their humble beginnings, it’s heartwarming to see both Harlow and EST Gee prospering in their individual specialties, warranting listeners to wonder what they would come up with now given their maturity over the last few years.

Check out the full interview here to listen to EST Gee and Ebro as they discuss the Louisville rapper’s career and plans for the future.