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‘Down With The King’ movie starring Freddie Gibbs set to release in June

For Freddie Gibbs, acting quickly went from being a prospect to being a reality. As the Indiana rap icon and drug kingpin has been working his upcoming album Soul Sold Separately, he also looked to pursue opportunities on TV and the big screen.

Whether it be his role in the recent Peacock series “Bust Down,” or his appearance on the Starz show “Power Book IV: Force” in March, Freddie has been honing his acting skills.

Now, it seems his big moment has finally arrived. The Sony Pictures film that he was previously reported to be starring in will finally be available for all eyes to see. According to Collider, “Down With The King,” the movie that shows Gibbs’ rap star character fall in love with farming and out of love with the hip-hop industry, is set to release on digital and on-demand on June 28.

On Monday (May 23), the official trailer for the movie was unveiled, showing the steps it took for Gibbs’ character Money Merc to find farming as his passion. The trailer shows several reviews of approval and awards it won at film festivals, further proving the Gibbs s built for this moment and deserves all the praise for his role as Merc.

With an iMDB rating of 7.1, “Down With The King” looks to be the kickstarter to a fruitful acting career for the bold lyricist.

Read below for more insight on “Down With The King” and Freddie’s involvement!

Freddie Gibbs’ acting career is about to take off

While already being one of the most skilled lyricists hip-hop has to offer, it seems like Freddie Gibbs is not yet satisfied with his talents.

On Sept. 13, news broke that a new French film titled “Down with the King,” starring Gibbs, had been picked up by Sony Pictures Stage 6 Films for worldwide distribution.

In his acting debut, Freddie Gibbs plays a rapper named Money Merc who outgrows his love for music, and transitions into a humble life as a farmer. “Down with the King” tested great with audiences at various film festivals, most recently being awarded the top prize at the Deauville American Film Festival. This allowed for the film to be picked up by Stage 6, who is responsible for notable films such as “Insidious” and “Whiplash.”

In an interview from February, Freddie explained that his decision to get into acting was inspired by his love for his favorite actor Samuel L. Jackson, who he now studies regularly.

After the death of beloved actor Michael K. Williams earlier this month, Freddie tweeted that one of the first roles he ever auditioned for in the early 2010s was actually fulfilled by Williams instead.

“Down with the King” has only been viewed by a limited number of people, but it will soon be widely available after being picked up by a major studio. Freddie Gibbs’ upcoming acting debut continues to prove why he is one of the most intriguing and talented characters in rap right now.