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Freddie Gibbs serves ‘Ice Cream’ with Rick Ross on his Kenny Beats-produced single

As polarizing of a figure as he is, Freddie Gibbs continues to dominate the game with every release, using immaculately smooth production and quick-witted wordplay to win listeners over.

His new effort, “Ice Cream,” features a verse from lavish wordsmith Rick Ross as well as a gritty instrumental from longtime collaborator Kenny Beats.

“Yeah, bitch, all white bricks

Ho got caught with a four way, told on the whole damn gang

I don’t like that bitch (Skrrt!)

I was pushin’ on the interstate

Trunk full of weight when my dawg woke up

Told him I just did a whole thing of the Fetty Wap, no dog, all cut”

Freddie Gibbs — “Ice Cream” feat. Rick Ross

“Ice Cream” is a short and “sweet” single, clocking in at just over two minutes, but further proves the duo’s inability to miss when they link up. Despite having the lyrical chemistry of old friends, Ross and Gibbs first connected on “Scottie Beam” in 2020 — a standout track from Freddie’s Grammy-nominated collaborative project with The Alchemist, Alfredo.

Kenny Beats has had a long-standing track record of high-quality tracks with Gangsta Gibbs, even producing the majority of Freddie’s 2018 self-titled album. Since then they’ve stayed involved in each other’s careers, with Freddie dropping a verse on Kenny’s album with 03 Greedo as well as appearing on his YouTube series The Cave.

Fans of Freddie have been patiently awaiting his upcoming album Soul Sold Separately since April 2021, held over by singles in “Black Illuminati” (featuring Jadakiss) and “Gang Signs” (featuring Schoolboy Q.)

Between Gibbs’ on-screen TV debut on NBC’s “Bust Down” and countless features on projects with Nas, Cordae, Maxo Kream, Boldy James and more, anticipation is reaching new heights as we approach the rumored June release date of SSS. With his catalog growing at an unmatched pace, the possibilities are endless as Freddie makes his mark in the game one track at a time.

Check out ‘Ice Cream’ by Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross below!

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