Freddie Gibbs could be away from music for ‘the next five years’

Every project Freddie Gibbs releases is polished, lyrically impressive and well-timed. However, as his multi-talented persona continues to gain recognition late into his career, there continue to be other passions that take time away from music.

Less than a week removed from the release of his major label debut album $oul $old $eparately (Sept. 30), YouTuber and podcaster Bootleg Kev released his brand new interview with the Indiana rapper. While this conversation came out in the midst of an active hype train surrounding $$$, as the album continued to demonstrate Gibbs’ impressive artistry and consistency, Freddie was candid about his future, or lack thereof, in music.

When looking ahead, he explained that his pursuits in acting may end up causing him to step away from releasing music in the foreseeable future. Whether it be an upcoming variety show that he discusses in the interview or the rest of a growing list of on-screen opportunities, Freddie forecasted that his hiatus from dropping projects could last the next half-decade.

“I’m really ready just to chill,” he said. “I don’t know if I can go to the process of recording an album no more. l got the variety show, I got 3 movies I just signed to do, so I might not have the time for like the next 5 years”

What likely led to him landing all these acting gigs was his successful roles in Peacock’s Bust Down series from earlier this year, as well as his starring role in the June film Down With The King. However, Gibbs did later mention in the interview that if he were to craft another album anytime soon, it would be a sequel to his beloved collaborative tape with producer The Alchemist (who produced $$$‘s “Blackest in the Room”) titled Alfredo, which released in 2020 and was nominated for a Rap Album of the Year Grammy.

“I love Alchemist, that’s like my brother,” he said. “We flirt with the idea all the time, and if I was to do another album if would be that one (Alfredo 2).”

This is certainly a different tune Freddie is singing compared to this time last year, when he proclaimed in Oct. 2021 that he was going to transition to making R&B music once the long-awaited $$$ arrived. But, either way, any Freddie content is acceptable, considering how much he thrives in any of his creative outlets.

Check out Freddie Gibbs’ interview with Bootleg Kev below!

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