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Gucci Mane proclaims ‘Long Live Dolph’ in new tribute music video

When Memphis hip-hop icon Young Dolph was slain in mid-November, all of his peers and colleagues were heartbroken. Among these crestfallen rappers was Gucci Mane, who aided Dolph in his rise from underground to the rap mainstream.

Both of these moguls and influential artists collaborated multiple times dating back to the early 2010s on Gucci Mane songs like 2013’s “Muddy” and “Re Up” which also included Young Scooter, 2014’s “Texas Margarita,” 2015’s “Skerr” with Migos, 2016’s “Bling Blaww Burr,” 2017’s “Both Eyes Closed” with 2 Chainz and “Stunting Ain’t Nuthin” with Slim Jxmmi, 2019’s “Potential” with Lil Uzi Vert and this year’s “Top of Shit,” again with 2 Chainz.

Along with also putting out two collaborative albums in 2013’s East Atlanta Memphis and 2015’s Felix Brothers, also with Peewee Longway, Dolph welcomed Gucci to some of his tracks as well, such as 2012’s “A-Plus (Remix),” 2016’s “Strippa” and 2017’s “That’s How I Feel” and “Go Get Sum Mo” with Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz.

Evidently, these two go back a long way. When Dolph passed, Gucci took to Instagram to mourn with a handful of pictures of them together.

About a month later on Dec. 17, Gucci Mane would drop his new holiday mixtape So Icy Christmas, which served as a compilation with his 1017 signed artists.

The project’s final song “Long Live Dolph” features a singular heartfelt verse from Gucci where he honors Young Dolph’s legacy, praising his boss lifestyle and attributing jealousy for his untimely death.

R.I.P. to Flippa (Flippa), a money-gettin’ n***a (My n***a)

Had to blaze one up for Dolph (For Dolph), don’t think they felt ya like I feel him (I feel him)

Same n****s wanna be ya be the ones that come to kill ya (Damn)

Now don’t that sound familiar? (Damn), your name, they gon’ remember (Yeah)

“Long Live Dolph” — Gucci Mane

Days later on Dec. 20, Gucci dropped the music video for “Long Live Dolph,” which includes still shots of Gucci and Dolph together, as well as clips of him with his family and closest friends while Guwop passionately raps his sincere verse.

The video soon trended No. 1 in the Music category on YouTube, and has already eclipsed 1 million views. Shoutout to Gucci Mane for such a beautiful memorial video for Young Dolph, utilizing his refined rhyming skills to pay tribute to Dolph in an appropriate way.

Check out the full music video for “Long Live Dolph” by Gucci Mane below!