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Kenny Mason unleashes new pack ‘3,’ drops ‘Back Home’ visual

This story was originally published on March 3, and has since been updated.

Kenny Mason’s versatility is his greatest strength — flexing 3 sides of his sound on his latest EP.

Not only sharing pr3 in February, the Atlanta star isn’t new to dropping off teaser tapes for the die-hard pups. Sharing Pup Pack ahead of his rock-inspired mixtape RUFFS last October, Mason shared his new EP on March 3, turning up the temperature as Spring began to settle in.

3 is yet another robust effort from Mason, known for his metal-infused cadences and guitar-heavy production. His Atlanta roots are perhaps the most glaring attribute of his sonic stature, as the Angelic Hoodrat continues to elevate his artistry ten-fold since his impressive debut in 2020.

The sample-laden plugg cut “100 or Nun” sees REFLEXIONS star and fellow Atlantan Tony Shhnow set the tone for the ATL duo’s undeniable link-up. This track specifically has been in the vault for a few months now — performing “100 or Nun” on Mason’s RUFFS tour late last year. “Give a f–k what a f–k n–a say, she the one that I want / I got 99 problems but / It’s a 100 or nun,” Kenny drawls off on the hook, as Tony’s visceral flow injects an energy consistent with the plugg king’s greatest hits. The wordplay is hard to not love: “Barehanded been beating the block, I got cuts on my fist / We shoot with precision, she miss me but no I can’t miss.”

“Avatar” sees Kenny switch things up a bit — taking a play on the new wave’s patented rage soundscape. Littered with distorted synths, whirly bells and heavy 808s, Kenny “just came back from Mars,” enlightening listeners and seemingly sending them to outer space on the mosh-inducing banger. The finale cut “Back Home” showcases Kenny’s roots in rock once more.

A contemplative emo-ode to home, his ability to both sing and rap is truly his superpower. “I don’t know where my dogs go to play when they die / I don’t know who outside, but I know what I know,” he croons over blitzing guitar barrages and boisterous live drums, as his sentiment of “see you when you make it back home” on the hook relays an emotional, homegrown connection like no other. Despite the heavy metal, it’s a message as light as air — displaying Kenny’s wheelhouse at max volume. Sharing the track’s video nearly two months after its release (May 1), Mason’s vlog style recap showcases him and his close circle on tour, on the road, in the studio, doing what they love and enjoying every second.

Amid 3‘s release, the “top dog” isn’t ruling out another project in the very near future, telling us in Chicago that he may plan on dropping a sequel to RUFFS along with the packs he’s put out. “I’m about to drop more music. I just want to keep going, I really don’t want to get off the wave [I’ve created],” he said. “I don’t want to check the scoreboard, I just want to keep winning regardless of it… Singles are coming next, but shit I might do a RUFFS 2. I don’t know yet, but just know more is coming.”

Growth is the name of the game for Mason in 2023. However, his arrival as a clear-cut star has already been unleashed.

Listen to ‘3’ below!

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