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Kid Cudi’s acting career takes off, cast in upcoming flick ‘September 17’

While in between albums, Kid Cudi seemingly dove head first into the entertainment industry. Since last year, Mr. Solo Dolo has worked on — or has begun working on — several different television or film projects.

Along with dropping an Amazon Prime documentary about his tumultuous career and battle with depression titled A Man Named Scott in November 2021, Cudi’s upcoming 2022 releases are thrilling to look at.

This week (March 18), he will star in brand new A24 horror film X, directed by Ti West and also starring Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson and Brittany Snow. The movie depicts a group a young creatives that visit a rural Texas town named Jackson Hole to create an adult film, but things quickly go awry.

Cudi joined the cast in Austin, TX for SXSW this past weekend for the World Premiere of the movie, which is Rated R and lasts around an hour and 45 minutes. While speaking with reporters about X, Cudi’s cast-mate Brittany Snow revealed she will be working on a new feature film titled September 17, set to be her directorial debut.

According to Variety, Snow also mentioned that she recruited Cudi to be on the cast for the movie, which will depict a new relationship the main character Riley attempts to navigate after being released from rehab. When speaking on the opportunity, Cudi was thrilled that Snow extended him the offer: “I couldn’t believe that she wanted me in it,” he said. “She had told me about the movie while we were on set, but she never asked me to be in it. I was like, ‘Maybe she’s waiting to see how (X) turns out.’ It’s gonna be awesome. Really great script.”

Along with the upcoming acting gigs for Kid Cudi with X and September 17, he is looking to release two albums in 2022, one of which will be accompanied by an animated Netflix show under the same title, Entergalactic.

It does not look like The Man on the Moon will come back down to Earth any time soon, as his stock as a musician and entertainer is through the roof.

Be sure to check out Kid Cudi’s major acting debut when ‘X’ releases in theaters on March 18!