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Lil Peep’s sophomore tape ‘LIVE FOREVER’ hits streaming platforms

In the five years since Lil Peep’s passing, his estate continues to honor his legacy by sharing more of his archived music to streaming platforms.

Stemming from sharing “about u” on Gus’s 26th birthday (Nov. 1), Peep’s camp has brought his 2015 mixtape, LIVE FOREVER, to all DSPs exactly seven years after its release.

LIVE FOREVER is the Long Island native’s second mixtape which solely lived on his SoundCloud page. Celebrating the project’s 7-year anniversary this past weekend (Dec. 2), his team overcame clearance issues and delivered it for fans to dive back into his early work. The tape, which contains 10 tracks and sits at 20 minutes long, dropped on the cusp of Peep’s major come-up and helped the then 19-year-old catch the ears of many new fans worldwide.

Peep was just 21-years-old at the time of his death. Known for revolutionizing “emo-rap” as we know it, the genre-bending SoundCloud era icon inspired both fans and other artists with his authentic, soulful and emotionally-driven music — using personal experience as a crutch to speak on drugs, depression, heartbreak and more.

The late-rapper’s most prominent afterlife works in “Falling Down” featuring XXXTENTACION, High Fashion (2021) with Harry Fraud, Castles II (2021) with longtime collaborator Lil Tracy among a slew of singles have allowed his legacy to crossover into the next generation. His 2019 album EVERYBODY’s EVERYTHING became a staple in Peep’s discography nearly two years after his death. Prior to LIVE FOREVER, a 3-track EP titled Feelz in May was his latest project.

Although LIVE FOREVER may not be new and unheard work from Lil Peep, fans are grateful that they’re able to stream a fan-favorite project on all platforms. His fanbase is among the most ride-or-die, as the fallen hip-hop star even earned a spot on the 2022 Top 100 YTD Streams By Artist list — positioned as the 94th most-streamed artist with just under 1 billion total streams.

Despite Peep not being able to deliver new music, his team has been working diligently to assure that Gus’s music is accessible for everyone. Long live Lil Peep.

Listen to LIVE FOREVER below!

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