NLE Choppa turns viral trend into new track ‘Little Miss’

In the midst of a career year so far, NLE Choppa is ready to take things further.

Along with dropping his latest studio album, Me vs Me, earlier this year, NLE has been teasing new sounds for another upcoming project. His newest track “Little Miss” (Sept. 2) showcases his emotional side while also incorporating the viral “Little Miss” internet meme.

As previously mentioned, the track is a play-in for the popular meme with the same name. The meme is used as describing a certain trait for a female and if it resonates with someone then they will post it on their social platforms. This is what NLE is accomplishing on his new track, saying positive things about females in his life and in general and trying to spread a positive message.

Little miss got it all together, huh

Little miss got it all figured out, yeah

Little miss goin’ through whatever, yeah

Little miss don’t need nobody else, yeah

Little miss got her own chain

Little miss I-Don’t-Need-A-Man, yeah

Little miss At-My-Breakin’-Point, uh

Little miss My-Feelings-In-My-Blunt, yeah

“Little Miss” – NLE Choppa

Aside from a potential project in the works, NLE has now dropped eight singles this year, as his previous “Mmm Hmm” hit DSPs in mid-August. It can only be assumed that he is slowly rolling out a new tape with “Little Miss,” incorporating the sounds of his last singles to tie a theme together. Along with new music, he’s also received a plethora of RIAA certifications this year — further proving just how dominant his career has been so far.

While we have no word on an upcoming album, NLE Choppa has been steadily feeding his fans and giving the ladies their flowers.

Watch the video for “Little Miss” here!

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